Skylotec LIFT FIX R

An ascender that attaches at the chest. Moves with the user and provides good protection in the event of a fall. The designed for use with 9-13 mm ropes. The hole for the carabiner has a diameter of 15 mm.



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Skylotec LIFT FIX R

Skylotec LIFT FIX R offers an extensive range of Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PPE) and products for permanent fall protection: harnesses, ropes, carabiners, abseiling equipment and rescue equipment, fall arresters, horizontal anchor systems, climbing protection ladders, anchor points, protective clothing and much more besides. High-performance and innovative products “Made in Germany”!

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ART. NO. H-064-R
EAN 4030281025153
STANDARD EN 12841-B:2006, EN 567:2013
E-CLASS NUMBER 40-02-01-90
AREA OF APPLICATION Fire brigade / Rescue / Special Forces, Rope Access / Rigging
CUSTOMS NO. 76169990
SIZE 203 x 90 x 28mm
WEIGHT 0,22 kg
MATERIAL Aluminium

We are SKYLOTEC. We protect people from falling.

As an independent family company, SKYLOTEC is a worldwide leader in all areas, in which safety at heights is important. We supply innovative and exceptional products and services, which are a clear reflection of the strengths of our brand.

SKYLOTEC GmbH is based in Neuwied and was founded in 1947. It is one of the leading manufacturers of Personal Fall Protection Equipment and safety systems for sports and industry.


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